Forest City is a smart city project, a benchmark project for Country Garden, with a building area of 1,370 hectares, investment of RM170 billion, and estimate to provide more than 220,000 job opportunities in Johor by 2035.

“This is a fresh idea where it will have a four layer development and the public will not see any vehicles on the road as Forest City will be filled with greenery on the top layer while roads and parking bays used by vehicles will be underground,” and “We will also provide an effective transportation system for more than 100,000 residents living there. Forest City will be a dream for the community to live and work there,” said Founder and Chairman of Country Garden Holdings, Yeung Kwok Keung.

Forest City will be the company’s largest international project and will be adjacent to Singapore, easily accessible via the Second Link. First phase units include apartments ranging from 75 to 175 sqm and bungalows from 250 to 550sqm. The development, just off the coast of Tanjung Kupang is expected to house an estimated hundred thousand residents upon completion.

Prior to Forest City development project, Country Garden started with Phoenix City development project started in 2002, took over 20 years to achieve its current state. Originally occupying a 667ha land area, the project gradually expanded to about 30,000 homes and 150,000 residents with nine schools and four commercial areas.

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Future of Country Garden in Forest City Development Project
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