Country Garden Forest City Development is Southeast Asia’s firsts and largest mixed-use green development in terms of the number of units to be built with a vertical greenery and smart city design theme. Country Garden Forest City revolves around a multi-layered three dimensional city planning, with lush vertical greenery covered with dense foliage and multiple forms of public transportation operating at high efficiency, sustainable and renewable energy infrastructures. With the use of futuristic green design and smart technologies, Country Garden Forest City Development is set to become a role model of future cities, adopting best practices to minimise environmental impact through integrated solutions to achieve zero impact to the surrounding area.

Country Garden Forest City is a city meant for the future, a vision and longing that was born out of 30 years of experience influenced by China’s pace of internationalisation – car free zone, luxury green living coexists with smart technologies and amenities, surrounded by the wonders of nature and is of close proximity to centres of education, healthcare, transportation, financial centres, and leisure attractions.

Rather than another pure real estate project, Country Garden Forest City is a culmination of our wisdom, knowledge and experience that brings to life an eco-city of the future in its true sense, offering a perfect mix of luxury tranquillity, urban vitality and proximity in the heart of Southeast Asia. Ideally suited for those who are seeking a ‘get-away’ luxury lifestyle from the bustle of modern life.

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Country Garden Forest City – Southeast Asia’s Largest Green City
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